Using CData’s Gmail connector in C++ Builder


Problem: How to use the Gmail FireDAC Enterprise Connector

Solution tested on C++ Builder 10.2.3

CData is a company with a clever idea. It writes drivers that connect to various technologies and make them appear as if they were databases. Thus, knowing only SQL, you can read a CVS file, use Google’s Gmail, search with Microsoft’s Bing, link in to LinkedIn, and do many other things. CData and Embarcadero have partnered to create wrappers for these drivers in the form of components that you can use in both VCL and FireMonkey programs. Embarcadero calls these Enterprise Connectors. The rest of this post is a demonstration of how to use the Gmail enterprise connector in a VCL program. If you’d rather just see a summary of tips for using the connector, scroll down to the end of this post. If you’d like more background on enterprise connectors, see this post.
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