Community Editions of Builder and Delphi!

Embarcadero just came out with some wonderful news – community editions of C++ Builder and Delphi! (And in case you were wondering, by “community” they mean “free”.)

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The community edition (CE) of C++ Builder is the same as C++ Builder Professional, which is quite powerful. The restrictions are in the CE license. Basically, if you make more than $5000 from CE apps you have to upgrade to the paid version of the program. Allowing app writers to make a little money from their code before having to upgrade makes the community editions great for individual developers, small shops, non-profits and students.

The big features of the community editions are:

  • Build programs for  iOS, Android, Windows and macOS from a single codebase
  • Access many local databases and use live data at design time
  • Bluetooth, IoT, SOAP, REST, BAAS, XML and Cloud capabilities
  • The FireMonkey and VCL visual frameworks, and the FireDAC database-access framework

This is a great deal, so go download Delphi CE  or C++ Builder CE and start coding!

Want more information? Check out these links:

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