Hi, MVP_NewLogo_200x200_Black-02and welcome to my blog. I’m Greg Reese and I’ll be blogging about standard C++ and how to use it with Embarcadero’s development tool, C++ Builder. I’m an applications programmer and write mainly scientific and engineering software. My employer is Miami University, which is delightfully nestled in the corn fields of Ohio, and not where you first thought it was. My principal programming languages are C++ and MATLAB. I’ve used them to create, among other things, software to run experiments in visual contrast detection, judgement and decision making and auditory stimulus response.

I really enjoy programming in C++. However, it’s a gigantic language that not only lets you (computationally) soar with the eagles but also allows you to bury yourself six feet under. I hope the postings in this blog will save you some time, energy and gnashing of teeth.

Greg Reese, Ph.D