CodeRage 2018

Embarcadero’s annual coding event, CodeRage, starts tomorrow. It’s a series of events about Delphi and C++ Builder. There are talks by Embarcadero employees, software vendors with products for RAD Studio, Delphi and Builder and users. CodeRage 2018 lasts for three days and you can see the schedule here. Best of all, it’s free and open to the public. To register, go to CodeRage 2018.

Some C++ topics this year are:

  • An interview with Bjarne Stroustrup!
  • Game development for beginners
  • C++ 17 in Builder 10.3
  • Working with databases in C++

Setting the default and startup layouts in RAD Studio

Problem: IDE won’t let you set certain default layouts

Solution tested on RAD Studio 10.2

An IDE desktop layout is a file that records the positions, sizes, contents and visibility of IDE windows. In the RAD Studio main menu bar, selecting View and then Desktops produces a sub-menu of operations related to IDE desktop layouts. One item is Set Debug Desktop, which lets you save the desktop layout that the IDE will use during run-time, i.e., when you’re running a program that you launched from within the IDE. Unfortunately, there are no similar provisions for setting the startup layout or the default layout. Here is how you can do it though.

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