CodeRage 2018

Embarcadero’s annual coding event, CodeRage, starts tomorrow. It’s a series of events about Delphi and C++ Builder. There are talks by Embarcadero employees, software vendors with products for RAD Studio, Delphi and Builder and users. CodeRage 2018 lasts for three days and you can see the schedule here. Best of all, it’s free and open […]

Tutorial Part 2- A Portable Date Library for C++

In the previous part of this tutorial we downloaded and set up Howard Hinnant‘s date library. This is a library written in standard C++ that lets us work with dates much more easily than what we can currently do. We learned how to work around some potential compiler errors and how to create compile-time and […]

Tutorial Part 1- A Portable Date Library for C++

Introduction How do we work with dates and times in C++? One way is to use the C date and time library. This library has functions for manipulating times, such as time, clock and difftime; functions for converting formats of times and dates, e.g., gmtime, localtime, mktime; and various types, such as tm for calendar […]